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The Aaron Cordovez Show

Apr 29, 2024

This is Part 2 in a 2-Part Series where I go through Amazon's new FBA fees. In this second part I go over Amazon's new SIPP program, the Low-Inventory-Level Fees, the Returns Processing Fees, and my final thoughts and strategies for how to avoid these fees as an FBA seller.

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Apr 22, 2024

This is Part 1 in a 2-Part Series where I go through Amazon's new FBA fees. In this first part I read through the announcement newsletter and the Inbound Placement Fees newsletter. I share my my thoughts on why Amazon is establishing these fees and my strategies for how you can avoid them as an FBA seller.

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Apr 15, 2024

In this episode I host Chico Guerra, a Shark Tank Alumni and master of social media. He walks us through his unique Shark Tank experience, where THEY invited him to come on and pitch to the Sharks. He also reveals the prediction he made on his episode, which they CUT from the show to hide it from the audience.


Apr 8, 2024

Today's episode I host Jed Rawson, CEO and Co-founder of Pirawna. Jed recently uptook an investigation for lost inventory for one of his clients, and little did he know the DEPTH of this operation he would now be looking into.

Find out about Jed's discovery and cracking of this case, and his principles in business, all...

Apr 1, 2024

Sitting down with Whitney, this time talking about some of the problems we're running into with out business, and the steps we're taking to handle them. We also talk more generally about problems we find modern business owners running into. How do you know if you're on the right path when you're just starting your...