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The Aaron Cordovez Show

Aug 22, 2023

Get ready to dive into an episode that's pure gold for e-commerce enthusiasts. Aaron Cordovez sits down with the one and only Michael Lebhar, mastermind behind the Walmart agency, SellCord,  wildly successful Walmart seller AND Amazon seller. 

Michael spills explains his rollercoaster journey in the industry, from humble beginnings to becoming a bona fide expert in the realm of Walmart selling.

Michael opens up about the behind the scenes tactics of Walmart selling. Think optimizing catalog setups, cracking the Walmart algorithm code, and turning heads with killer content to skyrocket visibility and sales on the platform. 

He gets real about how to use pricing as a secret weapon, along with some tips on catalog optimization and supercharging your listings with enhanced content. Get ready to watch those numbers climb! 

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