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The Aaron Cordovez Show

Jun 24, 2024

The biggest reason people fail on Amazon is lack of knowledge, or bad knowledge.

There are so many excuses and outright lights about selling on Amazon on the internet that people often get confused.

The results form the course have been awesome, people are extremely excited and believe that they can make it on Amazon...

Jun 17, 2024

Without a great Main image on Amazon, nothing will get your product to sell amazing. 

I analyze Tweevo's Amazon main product and share what could be improved to drive more clicks and sales. If you've ever wondered WHY your product isn't getting the traffic it deserves on Amazon, a key factor could be your...

Jun 10, 2024

In this episode I host Matt Clark, cofounder of Amazing Selling Machine. ASM was one of those phenomenon you only see once in a lifetime--where rich opportunity, clever business, and a desire to help others comes together to make a cohesive and profitable venture,  benefitting all who come in contact with it.

I was...